5 Documents to Have When Meeting with Personal Injury Lawyers

Are you wanting to file a personal injury claim, but unsure of how the process goes? Do you have an interest in building a personal injury case?

If so, then you’ll need a trusted and experienced personal injury lawyer by your side through this process. They can walk you through every single step along the way.

However, before your initial meeting with them, you need to prepare. There is certain documentation that you should have before you meet with personal injury lawyers.

See below for each piece of documentation that you’ll need and an explanation of why they’re so important to your case.

1. Police Reports

No matter whether your personal injury suit is for a car accident, workplace incident, or medical malpractice, you’ll always want to contact the police to fill out a police report.

For example, after a car accident has occurred, the police officer will come to the scene and write down a report of what they’ve seen. Who all was involved, witness claims, who they believe to be at fault, and so on.

All that information is pertinent to your case. If it solidifies your side of the story, then you and your lawyer can use it as evidence. Even though they’ll try, it’s difficult for the opposition to twist a police report that lines up with the story you’ve given.

Be sure to hire a trusted personal injury lawyer for your case. They’ll have the experience and know-how to build your case and increase your chances of winning.

2. Medical Records

Whenever you’re involved in a personal injury accident, your top priority should always be seeking medical assistance for the injury you’ve sustained. It’s of the utmost importance that you put yourself in the best position to recover as quickly as possible.

The medical records that you get from legitimate doctors will also be used as evidence of your injury in court. It will list (in great detail) what injuries you’ve sustained and how they’ve been treated.

More importantly, it will reveal how much you’ve had to pay in medical expenses as a direct result of the accident. If your case is due to medical malpractice, the documentation can also provide more evidence for your case.

Not seeking medical attention right away can harm your case. The opposition will use it against you, claiming the injury isn’t as bad as you’re making it out to be since you didn’t seek immediate treatment.

Don’t let the short-term cost prevent you from receiving the help you need. You can look into pre-settlement loans to cover the costs in the short-term, in which you’ll only need to pay back if you win your case.

3. Insurance Details

No matter what type of personal injury case you’re looking to claim, it’s always beneficial to bring your insurance information to your attorney. It proves that you’re abiding by local laws and have methods for covering certain expenses.

If you’re working on personal injury cases such as a car accident or a workplace accident, you might also have the opposition’s insurance info. Be sure to bring that as well.

Your lawyer might use this information to reach out and get information on the story that the insurance company was told. Also, if you’re looking for a settlement, then your lawyer will be working with that insurance company more than anything else.

4. Witness Information

Witnesses are always helpful in building your case. They strengthen your case if they give a story that’s similar to the one you’re telling. The more witnesses that line up with your story, the harder it will be for the opposition to combat it.

Whenever the personal injury occurs, be sure to gather as many witnesses as you possibly can. Get their names, number, email, and a brief description of what they saw.

These witnesses can be friends, coworkers, or strangers. All that matters is that their story paints a picture. 

If you’re lacking in witnesses, then consult with your personal injury attorney. They can reference the police report to find statements from witnesses, then reach out to that witness with any further questions.

Your opposition will try to gather as many witnesses as they can on their side. You’ll need to focus on doing the same. 

5. Photos of the Accident

While stories can sometimes be bent by the opposition to appeasing their side of the story, photos are more difficult to spin.

The more photos that you have, the more concrete visual proof that you can use to build your case. When you’re at the scene, be sure to take as many photos as you possibly can.

Take pictures of your injuries, the witnesses that were there, the scene where the injury happened, the time of day, what caused the injury, etc. 

If you were in a car accident, take photos of the road you’re on, the damage of both vehicles, the other drivers, the witnesses, their license plates, and so on.

For those of you that had a workplace accident, take a picture of the area around you, the machinery that malfunctioned, the object that tripped you, etc.

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