6 Common Car Accident Injuries to Be Aware Of

Motor accidents are the leading cause of death in the US.

But even without death, car accidents can injure you badly enough to lower your quality of life.

That’s why you’ll want to address these injuries as soon as possible. And after you get the treatment you need, you’ll want to review your legal options too.

However, you might want to first know what these injuries are in the first place and how much they can impact your health.

So keep reading to learn more. We’ll teach you about six common car accident injuries that you need to be aware of.

1. Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is the leading cause of serious injuries/fatalities in car accidents. Car accidents are also the leading cause of TBI, making this condition an all too common consequence of car accidents.

TBI occurs when the brain is dealt with a blow that results in brain damage. It causes the deaths of 50,000 individuals each year, with 80,000-90,000 more necessitating long-term disability treatment. 

This injury can occur even during minor collisions, depending on how the head strikes certain parts of the car. Victims commonly experience a concussion after this collision. In more severe cases, these concussions can lead to permanent brain damage.

It’s important to get a checkup right after a collision, even if you feel no symptoms. That’s because TBI symptoms may not become obvious until days or weeks after a crash, during which the injury can worsen. Such symptoms include:

  • Unconsciousness
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Memory loss
  • Blurred vision

These are only a few out of many symptoms of TBI. Once again, it’s imperative that car accident victims get checked out immediately since the brain does not mend itself in the way that a scrape or a cut would. If left unchecked, worsened TBI can result in permanently impaired cognitive function.

2. Spinal Cord Injury/Paralysis

Car crash victims may suffer vital spinal cord damage from the impact of a crash, causing paralysis in the worst cases. Paralysis can be partial or complete, but is chronic and permanent either way.

Victims may also experience reduced motor function/strength sensation, which ay further mobility issues. Spinal cord injuries also tend to be more serious the higher they occur on the spine, as this can cause fuller paralysis involving the pelvis, arms, and legs.

This condition can hinder one’s ability to perform otherwise basic everyday tasks. It is also one of the most expensive chronic disabilities to treat, which can be taxing on the individual both emotionally and financially.

3. Neck Injuries

Mild whiplash and neck strain can lead to neck injuries. These injuries can be caused from accidents from car rides as slow as 15 mph, and even if the victim was wearing a seatbelt.

During more serious accidents, victims can experience severe disk injuries and cervical dislocation. This pain can go away within weeks or months, but can be extremely uncomfortable to navigate during recovery.

4. Scrapes/Cuts/Bruises

Broken glass, high-speed projectiles, shredded metal – these are just a few of many elements that can cause scrapes, cuts, bruising, and skin abrasions. While minor cases of these injuries may still allow victims to embark on their daily activities, more severe cases may require bed rest and hospital treatment.

These injuries may seem comparably minor compared to the others mentioned on this list. But they can still be debilitating to sufferers during recovery and lead to much more serious complications without proper treatment.

For cuts, such complications may include wound infections, which most commonly occur when bacteria enter the wound. The victim’s bloodstream can also be infected, resulting in another serious medical condition called sepsis. The absolute worst cases may result in amputation.

Serious bruising can also be accompanied major complications, especially in conjunction with other medical conditions. Such conditions include kidney disease and Cushing’s syndrome

5. Disfiguring Facial Injuries/Scarring

Deep cuts and heavy impact can cause facial injuries, disfigurement, and scarring. These injuries could require surgical treatment and months of recovery.

While all injuries can cause deep emotional distress, facial disfigurement and scarring can also produce a uniquely deep psychological impact on victims. Victims may experience deep social anxiety, which could prevent them from interacting with others and meeting new people. This can stunt their social life and even impact their livelihoods.

They may also experience low self-esteem and confidence, which can cause general anxiety and depression. Physical disfiguration may warp their self-perception and confidence, affecting their emotional stability. While these effects are not physical, the resulting isolation and self-degradation can impact the quality of victims’ lives to a potent degree.

6. Internal Bleeding

Car accidents can also cause damage to blood vessels. Ruptured blood vessels and blood clots are the most common forms of blood vessel damage, which can prove deadly if not addressed.

Blood clots can prevent blood circulation, which can create a host of problems, including respiratory complications. This can cause weakness, disorientation, and breathing problems. Victims may also see bloody vomit and urine.

In worst cases, organ failure and death can occur. All this is even more reason to immediately see a doctor, even if you see no external physical damage. Internal bleeding can cause vehicle accident injuries that may not be immediately noticeable to victims, but even minor internal bleeding can worsen to a lethal extent.

Get Compensation for Common Car Accident Injuries

Experiencing a car crash is always stressful at the very least, and incredibly traumatic in the worst cases. Either way, it’s important to understand all of your options regarding the aftermath – both medically and legally.

If you’ve experienced any of the common car accident injuries listed above, you’re entitled to compensation. At the Law Office of Arturo Martinez, we understand how to get you that compensation you deserve. So if you need a personal injury lawyer to strategize a winning case for you, contact us today!