6 Reasons To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Texas

Are you wondering whether you should hire a personal injury attorney in Texas?

Texas personal injury law is designed to help you get compensation for injuries. Many people who file lawsuits walk away with thousands, sometimes even millions, of dollars.

But some people don’t know whether they should hire an attorney. Below, we’ll get into the top 6 reasons you should hire a personal injury lawyer. Keep reading to learn if you could benefit from this type of representation!

1. You Were in a Car Accident

Around 6 million car accidents take place on U.S. roads every year. In Texas, 19,448 people sustained serious injuries in road crashes in 2021. Thousands more suffered minor injuries or lost loved ones.

If you were injured in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault, you’re entitled to compensation. Often, people start by calling the other party’s insurance company. Yet, insurance teams often try to get people to accept low claims because they want to save the business money.

That’s where attorneys come in. They’ll file a lawsuit against the other party’s insurance company on your behalf and negotiate a higher settlement for you.

2. You Suffered from a Work-Related Injury

If you’ve been injured at work, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer. 

Many work injuries happen because of an employer’s failure to maintain safe working conditions. Your lawyer will look into the incidents leading up to your injury and see if the employer could have done something to prevent it. If they can prove your employer should have taken action to fix the situation, you’ll get a higher settlement. 

Your attorney will also help you receive the money you need to take off from work and recover. Sometimes, injuries result in a worker needing to switch jobs, in which case an attorney will help you get the finances you need to support yourself while you look for new employment.

Worried that your employer will retaliate against you for speaking to a lawyer? Don’t be. U.S. law prohibits employers from firing employees who contact attorneys. In addition, your conversations with your attorney will get held in the strictest confidence. 

3. You Suspect Medical Malpractice

Sometimes, personal injury cases involve medical personnel who have caused injury to their patients.

Medical malpractice takes a variety of forms. Sometimes, malpractice injuries come about due to physician neglect. If a medical professional fails to provide standard care, they’ve committed medical malpractice.

Other times, malpractice occurs when medical personnel make inexcusable errors or intentionally harm their patients.

If you suspect you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice, hire an attorney. Personal injury lawyers often have experience investigating these situations. They’ll talk to other medical professionals to determine whether the care you received was below standards or otherwise inadequate.

They’ll then use their findings to help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

If you suspect malpractice, you should also report the professional to the Texas Medical Board. This board will then review the case and decide if any disciplinary action needs to be taken.

4. You’ve Lost a Loved One

If you’ve lost a loved one due to the actions of someone else, you may qualify for a wrongful death lawsuit. In Texas, the spouse, parents, or children of the deceased can file a wrongful death case.

A Texas personal injury lawyer can help you get compensation for your suffering. The attorney will look at medical records and bills, gather information on loss of income, and collect evidence of any other difficulties you’ve faced. Then, they’ll use this information to get you the highest possible settlement. 

Many families find their settlements alleviate their financial concerns related to the death.

5. You Bought a Defective Product

People depend on certain products to keep them safe. For example, whenever you get into your vehicle, you’re depending on the engine, brakes, and other systems to work. If they don’t, you might suffer an injury.

If a product arrived defective and caused an injury, you should hire an attorney and file a personal injury lawsuit against the company. 

Your lawyer will consult experts to determine whether the defect came about during the manufacturing process. 

6. You Were Injured at a Business

You can qualify for a personal injury case if you get injured at a business, even if you don’t work there. Companies have a responsibility to make their workplaces safe for everyone who visits, too. In fact, most of them have insurance for when people become injured on their property.

Lawyers can help you get more money out of the company’s insurance company. So, if you became injured due to a company’s failure to properly deal with safety hazards, think about contacting an attorney.

If you’re in doubt as to whether your case qualifies for a personal injury lawsuit, ask an attorney! Personal injury attorneys offer free consultations to potential clients. During these meetings, the lawyer will learn more about your case, and you can ask any questions you’d like.

Ready to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you identify with any of these reasons, it’s important that you hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. 

That’s where we come in. Our team specializes in working on personal injury cases and has represented clients like you. We’re dedicated to getting you good results, no matter what. We are fully bilingual and provide our services in both English and Spanish. 

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