6 Things You Must Do After an 18 Wheeler Accident

No one ever wants to experience having to go through a car accident of any kind. 

However, there are some that are even scarier than others, one of those being an accident that involves an 18-wheeled truck. 

An 18 wheeler accident can be one of the most detrimental things that could happen to anyone that’s included in it. Things from the loss of your car to the life-altering injuries you may sustain as a result.

No question about it: these situations need to be handled with care and diligence.

Here are a few things that you should do after the accident has occurred.

1. Collect as Much Information as You Can

When an accident involving a semi-truck happens there are several actions that you can take. The main one is to pursue legal action and start by building a case.

However, there’s no time to think about that immediately after the accident happens.

Your main focus while you’re on the scene should be collecting as much information as you can, assuming that you’re in a physical condition to do so.

18-wheeler accidents are difficult and extensive. There are moving pieces in every direction such as the laws to and for the truck driver and his/her employer.

As such, you should work on getting things like the driver’s name, their employer’s name, the state their employer is in, who owns the truck trailer, etc. Everything that you gather will play a role down the line.

2. Take as Many Photos as Possible

Law enforcement officials will most certainly do their due diligence on your accident and file a police report to the best of their abilities.

However, that doesn’t mean you should leave all your evidence and stories up to the report that they give. It’s only human nature that they could miss a key piece.

Because of that, make sure to take as many photos as you can of the incident. Take pictures of the damage, license plates, debris, your location, the time, anything you can think of.

You’d rather delete the photo after your lawyer says “we can’t use that” than to not have it and they say “we could’ve really used that”. 

In other words: it’s better for you to be “safe” than “sorry”.

3. Reach out to an Attorney

One of the first things that you should do after collecting info and photos is to make sure and reach out to an attorney with experience in personal injury cases.

As previously mentioned, the process is going to get hyper-technical and super extensive right off the bat. You’ll want to reach out to an attorney right away to start building your case.

If you’re not sure whether you even have a case to be made, ask the attorney for their recommendations.

They can talk you through your options and give you examples of previous clients they may have had who were in a similar situation to you.

After the accident, you’re going to need compensation for your losses and/or injuries… this is the first step towards that.

4. Know the Common Causes

There are several causes that can lead to an 18 wheeler accident. More than you’d probably expect there to be.

Factors such as speeding, runaway trailers, unideal weather, faulty truck engine, and use of alcohol are just the tip of the iceberg.

Odds are, you have a pretty good idea of which ones could be the main reason for the accident you were involved in. Be sure to do research on common causes and list out any that apply to your situation.

After you list those out, your attorney will know how to gather evidence to support that claim. Doing so will expose the likelihood that one of these factors, if not more, is the main reason as to why the driver, company, or trailer owner is at fault.

5. Take Notes on Your Injuries in the Following Days

Injuries in a car accident are a very fickle thing. One area could be throbbing the night that it happens and be completely fine the next. 

Then again, there are more serious cases where the injury shows up or worsens in the days following the incident. Those are the ones that may stick with you for the rest of your life.

Be sure to take diligent notes on how you feel in the next several days. 

For example, if you have a severely bruised wrist after the accident, take pictures of it that night and every day after. You can have proof of the injury worsening over time. It may even be a broken wrist that you’re dealing with.

6. Do Everything Your Attorney Says

It’s important to make sure and follow everything your attorney says to a “T”.

Not doing so may cost you thousands of dollars on your settlement, so be diligent and remained focused.

Use their knowledge and know-how to your advantage. They’ve been through this a time or two and know what evidence is needed to reach a settlement.

Give them access to all the photos and information that you’ve gathered and trust that they’ll steer you down the right path.

Get Compensation for your 18 Wheeler Accident Starting Today!

Now that you’ve seen the things you need to do for your 18 wheeler accident, it’s time to start gathering as much information as possible.

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